That we are ten years old is something that at this point you all must know , that label boss released his first album with it is nothing new but that we will have a trilogy in remix series you may not know so here we have the “Remix Series Part 2” of Eddy Romero’s Album once more artists that he likes and for this second part he wanted to keep the underground sound with Artists Like Alvaro Medina, Bodeler or Cesar Martinez. The Madrid based Cesar Martinez and owner of CMYK Music label together with Alex Under has evolve in his music style and since Eddy listened to the change loved his new stuff so asked him for the remix and the result is this Micro House track that with its groove and keeping some sounds from the original transports you to that dark clubs of the London city. Alvaro Medina resident of Replay events in Madrid and owner of Black Wood Records artist that has release in labels like Vatos Locos or Bla Bla to name few has come with a Deep Tech track but keeping his path taking the original to another trip. And last remix by the Argentina based Bodeler known in the underground community for his releases in Hello?Repeat , Savor and has future releases in well known labels that can’t be revealed right now , he has go to the darkest side to that world that label boss loves and enjoys. So here we have the number two and if someone thinks that second parts aren’t good come and check this one.

Mastered at Soundvision Mastering