For the first time our two label artists go together to make this experiment and with this result. Label boss Eddy Romero met Maertz and worked in few tracks past year and this two are the result of this meetings. Is clear for us that the Spanish artists going to do a project together having similar musical taste. For the remixes we went straight away to Japan to get Kaitaro owner of Note Records and one of the artist to focus on if you are a lover of new underground music. He took Mubu to another planet and we not going to explain how is the track just listen to it. The other Japan based artist is a one that Eddy’s love Kikuya he does nice minimalistic structures keeping a personal deep and melodic touch in almost all his tracks and for the remix he take the most important parts and just add them to a permanent groove out of elements. So with this we go to the start of a new collaboration stay tuned.

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